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04 Mar 2012
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If the name Hyracotherium sounds unfamiliar, that's because this ancestral horse was once known as Eohippus (you can thank the rules of paleontology for the change; it turns out that the more obscure name had priority in the historical record). As is often the case with a "first" mammal, the 50-million-year-old Hyracotherium was extremely small (about two feet long and 50 pounds) and it possessed many un-horse-like characteristics, such as a preference for low-lying leaves rather than grass (which had yet to spread widely across the North American continent).

29 Feb 2012
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Until their sudden demise 65 million years ago, dinosaurs had dominated the Earth for some 165 million years. During this lengthy reign, evolution took them in some weird and wonderful directions. Roll up for our pick of the most bizarre...

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