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23 Apr 2012
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How Dinosaurs Mated and Reproduced? 

Birds do it, and bees do it--and although we don't know how, how often, or for how long, dinosaurs had sex, too. The reason dinosaur mating is such an enduring mystery is that it's hard to picture a five-ton Tyrannosaurus Rex male putting the moves on an even bigger female, or a pair of Triceratops not goring themselves on each others' horns as they attempt to perpetuate the species. Add the fact that male and female genitals don't tend to persist in the fossil record, and the average paleontologist knows less about dinosaur sex than a second-grader knows about the human variety.

20 Apr 2012
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Most people tend to confuse the terms dinosaurs and dragons. To some, the two refer to one and the same creature whereas to others, the terms refer to two distinct classes of reptiles. A lot of people now accept the existence and extinction theory of dinosaurs, whereas the existence of dragons is still doubted by the majority of the mass with a common belief that the dragons have only been a part of Teutonic mythology and some other fictions with no existence in reality. But what are the underlying facts? Let’s explore them by contrasting the two mighty and dreadful creatures.

17 Apr 2012
Published in Blog

Some dinosaur facts are more important than others. Here are 10 essential facts about dinosaurs that every person, beginner or expert, should be well acquainted with...

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